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Lean Out Your Business Podcast

May 31, 2022

Learn what it can feel like to unapologetically reclaim your power to live your best life in Episode 74 of The Lean Out Your Business podcast. If you have been stuck in fear, too afraid to move forward in your life because you’re concerned about what other people might think or because you think your dream may be too impossible to achieve then you won’t want to miss this interview with Karen Fagan. 

Karen Fagan is an International Empowerment Expert who is passionate about helping women reclaim their power and get exactly what they want in life. By teaching and coaching women how to uncover who they truly are, Karen helps women generate and experience extraordinary passion, pleasure, and purpose in their lives.

Show topics include:

1:54 what are common things that get in the way of people getting exactly what they want (especially women)

2:45 how you can stop attaching meaning to the stories we tell ourselves

4:30 why we are concerned with out people’s opinions (especially if we’re happy)

7:00 how to recognize when you’re living in a fear state

7:14 how you’ll know when you are living your best life

8:32 learning to live with fear

10:43 what is the Fagan Freedom Formula and how it can change your life

13:36 what does reclaiming your power look/feel like

14:24 how do you know if you are not living in your power

15:15 what happens when you relinquish your choice

16:26 why your number one priority needs to be you (even if you are a mom)

18:08 how do you know if a dream is actually for you

19:19 who can make you relinquish your power

19:53 Karen’s story and how she learned to reclaim her power

24:18 how Karen works leaner in her business and prioritizes the most important things

Quotes from Episode 74 of The Lean Out Your Business Podcast:

“People are so worried about what people will think of them if they’re actually happy” [4:30] Karen Fagan

“The way that you feel is your compass to living your best life or to know if you’re lvling your worst life.” [7:14] Karen Fagan

“You have to embrace it [fear] because fear doesn’t go away, you just become better at navigating through the fear.” [8:32] Karen Fagan

“Everything that you want in life, whether it’s an empire, whether it’s traveling, a better relationship, a better body, the number one reason that you want that is based on what you believe you will feel once you have it.” [11:03] Karen Fagan

“Nothing is impossible when you’re in that flow of alignment and connection to the truest part of who you are.” [17:08] Karen Fagan

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