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Lean Out Your Business Podcast

Jun 7, 2022

The largest companies in the world spend millions of dollars every year in an effort to eliminate waste and improve efficiencies; they do this because the cost of not doing it, is greater.

 As a small business owner, you might not have millions of dollars to spend, but you can leverage the same principles, to make sure your business is running as lean as possible and to guarantee the largest return on your investment. I’ve worked with some of the world’s leading companies to help ensure their businesses are running as lean as possible and now I help small business owners achieve the same results, helping them retain as much profit and time as possible.

In Episode 75, I show you five main areas that business owners leave time and profit on the table. This episode is taken from the Lean Out Method’s limited series podcast Do Less, Scale Faster, which goes into great detail on how you can simplify and scale your business and where I introduce you to our Lean Business Scaling System. If you are ready to stop wasting hundreds of hours a month and want to make sure you aren’t leaving money and time on the table, visit to learn more about this series and to get notified when it goes live. 

Show topics include:

1:38 details on The Lean Out Method’s limited series podcast

2:04 ways consulting, coaching and service based businesses waste hundreds of hours and leave profit on the table

3:57 average amount of hours each person in a your business wastes a week

5:14 how you can improve your profit margin without more hustle

5:51 top ten things that drain profitability and time

6:02 examples of unnecessary complexity - why you need to start working smarter not harder

8:30 why you should leaning out your business by looking at unnecessary complexity

8:49 the truth about creating new offers

12:17 determining when starting something new makes sense for your business versus when you are allowing it to be a distraction

12:21 examples of underutilizing your time and resources

12:59 the biggest miscommunication about systems

14:16 defining your operating model

15:21 what is visionary-itis and how is it negatively impacting your business

16:50 an introduction to the Lean Strategic Planning System

17:14 the cost of not being able to find things in your business

19:29 the greatest benefits from putting systems in place for you and your team

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