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Lean Out Your Business Podcast

Jun 21, 2022

Amy Birks is a business coach who specializes in helping conscious companies and founders increase their impact, reach and revenue by focusing on the simplicity that comes when they are doing work in alignment with their values. Often referred to as a master connector, Amy leverages 10 years of corporate strategy and project management experience to help her clients make marketing and business development fun, easy and impactful. 

In her experience, Amy has found that more often than not, entrepreneurs make scaling more difficult than necessary, mainly because entrepreneurs are people and people have a tendency to complicate things. 

In Episode 77 of The Lean Out Your Business podcast, Amy and Host Crista Grasso, discuss the importance of having a business coach to help you clearly see the next best steps in achieving your goals, stating that often entrepreneurs are really good at knowing where they want to go but have a difficult time knowing the best way to get there. 

If you feel like you have reached a certain level of success in your business and are wanting to scale but aren’t sure how to do that without adding more stress and tasks to your day, this episode is for you. 

Show topics include:

2:13 how people make scaling their business more difficult than it needs to be

2:48 the type of business owners Amy works with 

4:15 what it looks like to build a business by design

4:33 how to scale your business without sacrifice

5:13 how to always look for leverage in your business

5:58 working in alignment with your values to avoid resistance in your business

7:38 the existential crisis of entrepreneurship

8:21 a pragmatic approach to create efficiency in your business

9:19 things business owners think they need to do but often don’t 

10:48 the #1 pitfall Amy sees entrepreneurs fall into

12:12 why Amy removed herself from Facebook 

14:47 the dangers of “I could”

15:23 Amy’s favorite question to have business owners ask during a time of inquiry

15:33 making capacity based decisions

17:05 the chicken/egg scenario of needing to hire but also needing to generate more income

19:37 why business owners should have an advisor/coach (even Crista has one)

20:12 common reasons why entrepreneurs don’t invest in a business coach

22:22 Amy’s book The Hustle Free Business - A Simple 7-Step Plan to Grow, Get Results and Have Fun.

24:54 making marketing more manageable

27:04 the 3 Cs of marketing

28:55 keeping perfectionism from getting in the way of your success

31:46 exploring what’s possible as you scale without sacrifice

32:02 how Amy works smarter, not harder in her business

33:33 eliminating decision fatigue

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