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Lean Out Your Business Podcast

May 21, 2024

Have you ever considered what happens to your data and intellectual property when you enter it into an AI tool?

Or how your clients may be using AI with your proprietary data from your courses or programs?

 AI is an incredible tool but it's important to understand how to protect your intellectual property and ensure your contracts reflect this new reality. In today’s episode, I dive into the evolving role of AI within business operations. I break down the mistakes that businesses make with AI and share insights on how to leverage it effectively to simplify processes, save time, and cut costs.

I also share practical AI applications for strategic planning, systems creation, team enhancement, and gaining business insights. Whether you’re a founder or a team member, this episode is packed with actionable tips and essential considerations for integrating AI into your business operations.


In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • Key areas where AI can improve business operations
  • Things to consider to protect your intellectual property
  • The importance of updating contracts for AI use
  • How to educate your team about safe and secure AI usage
  • Time and money saving ways to leverage AI beyond content


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